transformational fraud-fighting for eCommerce

reduce chargebacks and process significantly more volume

the world’s first acquirer-to-issuer chargeback mitigation ecosystem built for global eCommerce

Problems For eCommerce Merchants

Problems For e-commerce merchants

The eComDefender Solution

eComDefender helps eCommerce merchants mitigate the increasingly sophisticated and evolving fraud, dispute and malicious bot threats that generate unnecessary customer friction and lost sales.

eCommerce Fraud Prevention

Stop fraud from impacting your eCommerce business.

100% Protection Guarantee

Complete coverage for eligible fraudulent & unauthorized chargebacks.

Pre-Chargeback Resolution

A proprietary platform which resolves disputes before they become chargebacks.

Chargeback Management

Professional chargeback management services for merchants.

eComDefender Services

eCommerce merchant fraud, dispute and chargeback management . . . forever transformed

100% Chargeback Protection

100% chargeback protection guarantee for eligible fraudulent and unauthorized chargebacks.

Chargeback Alert API

The API connects merchants to Visa and Mastercard, automating dispute resolution within the required time and updating the dispute status.

Chargeback Alerts

Deep integration with Visa and MasterCard provide eCommerce merchants a Pre-Chargeback dispute resolution period before becoming a Chargeback.

Managed Services

We provide a dedicated resource to provide professional dispute and alert management on a merchant's behalf.

Smart Fraud Scoring

The platform checks more than 16,000 data points to detect potential eCommerce fraud before it happens.

Descriptor Search & Find Tool

Via a unique Google partnership, our Descriptor Search & Find tool helps cardholders quickly and easily identify unrecognized card transactions by google search. Google will return merchant contact and support details as top search result.

Frictionless 3DS2 Authentication

Frictionless 3D Secure technology takes a snapshot of a cardholder's digital footprint and compares it with the cardholder's issuing bank. If data is a match, then there is potential for liability shift from merchant to cardholder.

Customer Notifications

The Customer Notification service helps merchants communicate with cardholders throughout each step of the sales and delivery cycle via email and SMS text.

How It Works


pre-sale eComDefender payment lifecycle protection with real-time analysis

Pre Txn Solution Flow


post-sale eComDefender payment lifecycle protection with real-time analysis

Post-Txn Solution Flow

Why eComDefender?

eComDefender’s fully customizable fraud and dispute mitigation platform maximizes merchant order approvals and reduces credit card fraud

Month to Month

eComDefender is a month-to-month service and may be cancelled at any time prior to the next month's billing

Reduction of Resources

Merchants can reduce resource by offloading fraud, dispute and chargeback management to eComDefender

AI Instant Decisioning

AI and Machine Learning engine provides instantaneous decisioning with greater accuracy

Customized Solutions

Not a one-size-fits-all, eComDefender provides a customized solution for each e-commerce merchant

Easy Integration

Prior to implementation, eComDefender consults with each merchant to ensure the proposed solution delivers the best value and achieves optimal results

Process Greater Volume

Reducing chargebacks allows e-commerce merchants to increase processing volume while remaining below chargeback threshholds

Increase Approved Sales

Reducing chargebacks results in more approved transactions

24/7 Protection

AI and Machine Learning fraud and dispute mitigation for eCommerce merchants 24/7

Meet Your Dashboard

eComDefender’s home for sophisticated reporting and analysis tools

Once eComDefender is active, your dashboard allows you to access live data and effectively manage:
– Transactions (including 3DS transactions)
– Descriptors
– Verifi and Ethoca Alerts
– Fraud Scoring
– Representments

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